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Mumbai, January 23rd, 2024—Visionary FinTech startups aspiring to secure a place in the FinTech cosmos look no further! The new  Moonshot Accelerator, a carefully curated 12-week program by the Cedar-IBSi FinTech Lab, is specifically designed for B2B BankTech ventures ready to launch their products. This accelerator invites FinTechs in the 0-1 phase, ready to initiate their revenue-generating journey with an opportunity to secure seed-stage funding. Additionally, participants receive hands-on support to build their FinTech.

Who is the Moonshot Accelerator for?

The Moonshot Accelerator is positioned at the intersection of innovation and finance, promising a tailored immersive experience for FinTech startups at the idea, pre-seed, and seed stages.

The accelerator is crafted for startups poised to transform their innovative ideas into reality, offering the right tools and mentorship to breathe life into concepts. The program is tailored for scalable B2B BankTechs dedicated to solving real-world challenges. It provides exclusive access to IBS Intelligence research, one-on-one mentorship with internal FinTech experts, and strategic support across work streams. This unique blend empowers the cohort of startups with the guidance needed for comprehensive business development and effective problem-solving.

Why should you join?

Powered by a rich legacy of 60+ years in Global Financial Services and FinTech research, Cedar-IBSi FinTech Lab offers a unique ecosystem designed to nurture and propel BankTech startups. The accelerator program offers hands-on support from Cedar-IBSi leadership and subject matter experts to help build and scale your FinTech.

Startups also gain access to Cedar-IBSi’s extensive network of over 800+ global banks and financial institutions for potential partnerships. Leveraging Cedar-IBSi’s 60+ years of industry experience, startups can tap into valuable knowledge to transform their approach to FinTech. Startups can access over 10,000 pages of exclusive IBSi research covering 10 FinTech and BankTech focus areas, encompassing FinTech player profiles, use-case repositories, market reports, annual rankings, and leaderboards.

The Moonshot Accelerator taps into the collective wisdom of Cedar-IBSi’s 100+ in-house FinTech experts, blending global experience with local insights. Upcoming cohort programs are meticulously designed to support FinTech founders’ growth journeys across diverse workstreams, ensuring a holistic approach to success.

Sahil Anand, Founder and Managing Partner of Cedar-IBSi Capital (SEBI AIF), said, “I am very excited to kick this off finally. Our lab has been home to 35+ revenue generating BankTechs, taking them from 1 to 10 to 100. We were missing an early-stage program for those still in a “building” phase. Good luck to the team, and the Cedar-IBSi Capital (SEBI AIF) team is excited to interact with the first graduating batch later in the year.”

Moonshot is more than a program– For 12 intensive weeks, selected startups will be provided with mentorship, strategic guidance, and unparalleled exposure. The program will help these startups refine their products and prepare effectively for potential funding.

Upon successfully navigating the Moonshot Accelerator, BankTechs have an opportunity to secure funding from Cedar-IBSi Capital’s (SEBI AIF) VC fund. This strategic partnership opens doors to financial backing and propels startups to their next growth phase.

The first cohort of the Moonshot Accelerator program is set to launch from May to July 2024. Securing a spot in this transformative journey will position BankTechs for unparalleled success. The structure ensures flexibility and aligns with the dynamic nature of the FinTech landscape, offering ample opportunities for growth and collaboration.

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